6 Exercises to Burn the Most Calories & Lose Weight Quicker

Not everyone enjoys coming to the gym frequently, and some people may even cling to a same fitness routine over and over again. However, it’s crucial to keep your body active and burn more calories than you ingest when it comes to a fat-loss quest. There are several sport-focused exercises that will help you stay motivated and speed up your weight reduction efforts if you’re seeking for a different approach. Six workouts that help you burn the most calories and quickly lose extra weight have been compiled by our team.

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In addition to picking up a game of basketball or soccer, most physicians and trainers will suggest that people start jogging, running, or taking long walks to start losing weight. Running and/or walking are excellent workouts for losing weight and can support your body’s long-term health, but they are not necessarily the most enjoyable or efficient.

We have solutions for people looking for quick outcomes and an enjoyable method to approach fitness in general. Take a look at these sport-specific exercises that have been shown by science to burn the most calories and aid in weight loss.


Swimming is a solo activity that works every muscle in your body. Some may argue that it’s a low-intensity workout or an underappreciated kind of cardio that can aid in calorie burn and the development of lean muscle. Even the advantages of weight loss are supported by research.

The calorie burn may be accelerated by using strokes like the butterfly, breaststroke, and even freestyle. In only 30 minutes of training, you may burn anywhere between 367 and 404 calories by swimming in some of these energy-intensive strokes, claims World Health. Your body is forced to move against resistance during this exercise, which helps you burn fat and build muscle. According to Goodson, “Muscle is more metabolically active than fat, meaning that it burns more calories at rest.”


Zumba might be a wonderful alternative for weight loss for people searching for an entertaining group workout. It’s an aerobic high-intensity style of exercise that incorporates complex motions with a group of people who share your enthusiasm for dance workouts. It’s not exactly your traditional “sport” per se.

According to research, Zumba can have a big impact on your weight reduction journey by lowering your overall body fat. You can probably burn 500–800 calories on average in an hour-long Zumba class.


Basketball is a well-liked, competitive form of exercise that is excellent for losing weight, whether you just want to shoot hoops sometimes or play in a pickup game with friends. According to Harvard Health Publishing, a 155-pound individual may burn roughly 288 calories when playing for 30 minutes. Although it’s simply a starting point, a person who weighs more may expend more effort and burn even more calories during the workout.

Basketball is a great all-around workout because it mixes weight training with leaping motions.

Flag Football

Another team activity that might help your body burn calories is flag football, which, according to Virtua Health, is a strenuous workout that involves a variety of movements. Even though there could be periods of leisure and quiet in team huddles, the sport involves a lot of intensive muscular effort but minimal direct touch with other players.

A full game of flag football lasts 40 minutes, divided into two halves of 20 minutes each. A 150-pound person who plays the whole game of flag football is said to burn about 363 calories.

 Rock Climbing

Rock climbing must be among the top activities for having fun while also providing an excellent exercise. Either way, you’re in for a difficult and satisfying workout. You can choose to visit a climbing gym or venture outside with a qualified expert.

Rock climbing, according to WebMD, is a full-body workout that works your core, legs, arms, glutes, and back while requiring you to engage nearly every part of your body. It mixes strength and cardio exercise, increasing your daily calorie burn and supporting your weight reduction goals.


Along with helping people lose weight, this popular workout offers a lot of positive health effects. Cycling has been shown to significantly raise fitness level, boost insulin sensitivity, and reduce risk of heart disease, cancer, and even mortality. Anyone who participates in this form of exercise has the potential to lose between 210 and 441 pounds during a 30-minute cycling session, depending on their weight and the intensity of the activity, according to Harvard Health Publishing. Regardless of the pace you choose, this activity can help you lose weight quickly and becoming more physically fit overall.

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