Actor and NFL icon Jim Brown passes away at 87

Jim Brown, a renowned American football player, actor, and civil rights leader, has died at the age of 87.
His family acknowledged the tragic news of his passing early on Saturday. As a renowned NFL player, talented actor, and outspoken campaigner, Brown was well-known all over the world.
Many people’s hearts have been broken by his passing.

Brown left behind a son and a second wife

According to several accounts, Brown passed away at his Los Angeles home from natural causes. He is currently survived by his son and second wife, Monique. Brown allegedly went away peacefully with Monique by his side.
Brown previously wed Sue Brown, whom he divorced in 1959 after 13 years of marriage. With his first wife, he had three kids.

Brown’s contribution to football will endure

The history of American football bears Brown’s name in gilded letters. He played at least nine seasons with the Cleveland Browns throughout his illustrious NFL career. He was credited with at least 12,312 running yards and 106 touchdowns. Brown was further listed among the top 100 professional football players in addition to these.

His road toward the big screen

After having a prosperous sporting career, Brown transitioned to show business in 1964. In his acting debut, Rio Conchos, he played a buffalo soldier. Brown shortened his NFL career in order to succeed in Hollywood. He appeared in nearly 30 movies, including Mars Attacks, El Condor, Three the Hard Way, and Any Given Sunday.

When Brown started speaking up for change

Brown is recognized as one of the few athletes who publicly opposed racial issues in the 1950s when the civil rights movement was gaining traction. Additionally, he asked other African-American players to support the cause off the field by showing up. In addition, Brown had a significant impact on Muhammad Ali’s life through the renowned Cleveland Summit organized for the activist and boxer.

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