Fans of the Broncos now have yet another reason to detest Tom Brady.

Both Joe Burrow and Patrick Mahomes have recently commented on their contracts, indicating that they intend to ignore the current quarterback market trend and imitate Tom Brady instead.

Tom Brady is definitely the best athlete to base your career on if there is one.

Brady, the greatest winner in sports history, was able to win a record of seven Super Bowls over the course of 23 seasons in a league, where it is challenging to build on success due to a strict salary amount and a high player turnover rate.

In addition to his greatness, Brady’s off-season choices played a significant role in his ability to win consistently throughout his career. Brady was the league’s best quarterback, yet he was never the most paid or even very close to the highest earners.

The team’s other important players would be kept around if the storied quarterback accepted less money on a regular basis. The salary cap would have made it challenging for Brady to retain each of his outstanding colleagues had he emerged as the highest-paid player.

Players typically leave for bigger salaries after their star quarterback signs the big deal, which has virtually always happened for previous teams after they win a Super Bowl.

The quarterbacks of the Philadelphia Eagles-Jalen Hurts and Baltimore Ravens-Lamar Jackson became the highest-paid players in NFL history in recent time. Even while they are deserving of those deals, moving key players elsewhere to create room will surely affect the overall strength of their teams going forward.

Nearly no one would believe that Joe Burrow of the Cincinnati Bengals and Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs are the two top quarterbacks in the NFL and should be awarded with the best contracts as a result. However, it seems that they do not want to be given that and instead to some extent adopt the Brady strategy.

Mahomes stated on Wednesday: “At this moment, I care more about (my) legacy and winning rings than generating money. Never will I do anything to harm this squad. The bar should continue to move. It’s not about getting the best salary.

In 2020, Mahomes got a $450 million contract for 10-years, making it the most expensive contract in NFL history till date. At this stage in the contract, he is earning about $39 million year, which is considerably less than the average salary that Hurts and Jackson received.


Burrow did not sign his agreementyet, but he has made it clear that he is not interested in being awarded the biggest salary from any player. Back in the first week of the month, he declared: “I’m quite clear on what I want in the contract and what I believe is best for myself and the team. Therefore, we are moving toward doing that.When there are teammates that need to be paid, it is always on your mind. We are attempting to make that the centre of attention because you requested it.

Burrow explicitly stated that he wanted to see Tee Higgins and Ja’Marr Chase stay with the team to significantly boost their chances of winning the Super Bowl. The Bengals will have to pay both of these players in the upcoming years.

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