Bruce Willis’ retirement prompts a response from Arnold Schwarzenegger: “great star. And a kind man”

“He will always be remembered as a great, great star. And a kind man,” the actor said of Willis

In response to a query on the passing of fellow action movie legend Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger offered a sincere homage to Bruce Willis.

Willis retired from acting last year, ending a career that saw him appear in a number of iconic movies that helped establish the Die Hard actor as one of cinema history’s most adored stars.

After the actor received a diagnosis of aphasia, a neurological disorder that impairs memory and speaking, the surprising news was made.

The politician and Hollywood celebrity Arnold Schwarzenegger commented on Willis’ retirement, saying: “I think that he’s fantastic. He was, always for years and years, is a huge, huge star.”

“And I think that he will always be remembered as a great, great star. And a kind man. I understand that under his circumstances, health-wise, that he had to retire. But in general, you know, we never really retire. Action heroes, they reload,” Arnold told CinemaBlend.

A year after it was announced that Willis would be retiring due to aphasia, Schwarzenegger spoke out. In the Expendables series, the two appeared together on film.

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