Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden, could be charged with “serious charges,” according to the investigation

Hunter Biden: Due to his business operations abroad, Hunter Biden is also being investigated legally by House Republicans.

Hunter Biden, the son of president Joe Biden, is allegedly facing “serious charges” as a result of a Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation, according to former US attorney general William Barr. Hunter Biden has been under investigation for years for suspected tax violations and making false claims while buying a handgun. According to William Barr, DOJ authorities are “nearing a charging decision” in the case.

“There’s probably been a lot of hand-wringing in many different places, but I assume that the defense went in there to try to see what they think would be a way to resolve this without serious charges against Hunter Biden. I suspect that they’re going to be unsuccessful,” he said.

The former attorney general also claimed that the tax case against Hunter Biden is “complicated” and necessitates cooperating with the Internal Revenue Services (IRS), which is why the case is probably taking longer than expected.

As a result of his business dealings with foreign firms, including some connected to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Hunter Biden is also under legal investigation from House Republicans for alleged corruption. GOP lawmakers claim that he should be subject to investigations.

William Barr said, “There’s a difference between abuses of power, shameful behavior when you’re in power and so forth—and something that can actually be proven as a crime.”

“I joined the conclusion that there was a lot of shameful self dealing and influence peddling and so forth. I think the American people should take note. That should be explained and shown to the American people. The question of whether you can prove a crime is a different matter,” he added.

However, charges against Hunter Biden were anticipated to be brought after the midterm elections, according to various stories from last year. The DOJ hasn’t yet made any charges public, though.

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