Katy Perry wants to leave “American Idol” : Report

Does Katy Perry intend to leave American Idol? Sources claim that the judge might not return for Season 22 after receiving a lot of criticism from devoted viewers in recent months.

According to insiders, Perry is worried that producers will “throw her under the bus” because they allegedly went out of their way to portray her as the “nasty judge.”

“She entered it with the intention of developing young talent. She didn’t want her good intentions to be misunderstood, a source told the site. “Despite all that she has accomplished professionally, she is now viewed as a nasty reality show judge.”

“Katy’s wanted out for a while, but this season was way too much for her to handle,” they continued.

The “Hot N Cold” singer originally came under criticism after it was claimed that during Sara Beth Liebe’s audition, she had mom-shamed another past contender. In the end, the 25-year-old mother of three who described Perry’s comments as “hurtful” and “embarrassing,” left the singing competition early in order to return home to her kids.

When Perry advised NutsaBuzaladze to tone down her trademark glitter on another occasion, the audience booed her. Her use of “psychological warfare” in tricking some participants into believing they were leaving while they were actually moving on to the next round drew criticism from viewers as well.

With co-judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan, the Grammy-nominated performer has been a part of the long-running program since its 2018 relaunch. If she were to depart, she would be reneging on a rumored $25 million salary per season. According to the insider, Perry is more concerned with the potential harm it has done to her legacy than it is about the money.

They said, “[Katy’s decision to resign] is not a money problem. “It’s becoming more of a legacy concern for her. She does not want a talent competition show where she is not even competing to define her career.

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