NBA Draft lottery odds: Which teams have highest chances of selecting first overall?

The NBA draft lottery odds were revealed after the regular season ended. All the clubs that missed the playoffs will learn this week where they will make their draft selections later this summer.

The NBA draft lottery chances were altered by the league a few years ago. The three teams with the lowest records all have the same probability of getting the first choice (14%), which is meant to discourage tanking.

The Detroit Pistons, Houston Rockets, and San Antonio Spurs have the highest prospects of winning this year’s top selection. The weakest of the three teams was the Pistons (17-65), followed closely by the Rockets and Spurs (22-60).

This year’s lottery will be closely watched since the class of 2023 is anticipated to be full of talented young people. This year’s best prospects are Scoot Henderson of the G-League and French big man Victory Wembanyama. All three of those groups will be praying that one of these players would fall into their laps and join their respective teams.

Analysis of the NBA draft lottery odds

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There are still opportunities for clubs outside of the top three to win the first choice. The odds for the NBA draft lottery are fully broken down here.

The Charlotte Hornets are the club with the next best odds behind the top three. After finishing the regular season with a record of 27-55, they are now at 12.5%. The Portland Trail Blazers are the next team, coming in just behind them at 10.5%.

Out of the top five teams, none have a double-digit probability of getting the first choice. The Orlando Magic, last year’s champion, almost missed the cut with 9.0% odds. The Washington Wizards and Indiana Pacers follow them with odds of 6.8% and 6.7%, respectively.

The Utah Jazz startled many this season when they unexpectedly finished towards the top of the lottery odds. Their chances are barely below 5%. The Dallas Mavericks (3.0%), who ended up in the lottery after a surprising regular season, come next.

The Chicago Bulls (1.8%), OKC Thunder (1.7%), and Toronto Raptors (1.0%) round up the remaining lottery teams. With a 0.5% chance, New Orleans has the lowest chances.

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