From Handyman to Millionaire: Retired New Yorker Wins Record $476M Millions Jackpot

We can experience luck in a variety of ways. For Johnnie Taylor, 71, it came from the Mega Millions lotto windfall.
Taylor, a retired handyman from New York City, took home an incredible $476 million. On Monday, the New York Lottery revealed the winners.

What is known about the handyman and his windfall is listed below.

WHAT IS Mega Millions jackpot ?

One of the biggest prize games in America is called Mega Millions.
Even though the majority of the money the lottery raises is invested on prizes for its many games of chance, the earnings from the sale of lottery tickets provide millions of dollars to the state’s education budget.
Since the game’s 2002 New York debut, Taylor’s Mega Millions prize is the highest one to date.

Taylor formerly regularly played for the jackpot

Taylor was a regular player who usually bought quick-pick Mega Millions tickets and added the multiplier when the jackpot above $100 million. The Liberty Beer and Convenience in Queens, which is a convenience shop close to Taylor’s local subway stop, is where he typically purchases his tickets.
The winning numbers this time were 23, 27, 41, 48, 51, and 22, with the Mega Ball number.

Even now, it doesn’t seem real: Taylor

It still doesn’t feel real,” says Taylor.

Taylor, a handyman in Manhattan who had recently retired, had made plans with the cash.
He intends to use the money to go on vacation, buy a new home, and swap in his 2012 Prius for a more modern hybrid vehicle. He also plans to give to the local church.

The New York Lottery commends Taylor

“The New York Lottery congratulates Mr. Taylor on winning this historic jackpot, sales of which brought millions of dollars to New York’s public schools and lottery retailers across the state,” said Brian O’Dwyer, chairman of the New York State Gaming Commission.
After mandatory state and federal withholding, Taylor accepted the cash amount of the award, which totaled $157.3 million when paid in one lump payment.

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