Street Fighter 6 Reviews Are Out : A Game Changing Triumph!

Today sees the release of two significant embargoes, Diablo 4 and Street Fighter 6, but wow, Lilith and company will have a tough act to follow. Street Fighter 6 has been launched to overwhelmingly positive reviews, with a 92 metascore from 59 reviews so far.

An 80 is considered to be good in the industry, an 85 is excellent, and anything over 90? You are edging closer to a Game of the Year contender. As long as you don’t release in the same year as the game “Tears of the Kingdom.”

But Capcom is now on fire with a slew of well-received Monster Hunter and Resident Evil titles. The finest Street Fighter game in recent memory has finally arrived.

Street Fighter 5 has a metascore of 77, but you had to go back to Street Fighter 4 from 14 years ago, which had a metascore of 94. Therefore, it would seem that this is the finest Street Fighter game in fifteen years, one that is touted to be both user-friendly for beginners and to include all the features that fighting game experts have been clamoring for. Moreover, the artwork is stunning and striking.

A complete quarter, or fifteen reviews, out of 59 reviews are perfect 10 ratings. That’s…pretty crazy, which is why its final score is so high. The lowest rating is one of 70, however there are only seven reviews overall with a rating below a 9.

What some reviewers have to say about why Street Fighter 6 works so well is as follows:

  • VGC (10/10):“With the three titans of the fighting game space all releasing mainline entries this year, competition is going to be stiff, but Capcom is putting its best foot forward. The publisher’s incredible run continues with one of the most feature-rich, stylish, and enjoyable entries in franchise history.”
  • IGN (9/10):“Street Fighter games are always benchmark moments for the 2D fighting game genre, but Street Fighter 6 feels extra special. The Drive System is an incredible addition to the fighting mechanics that gives you a veritable Swiss Army knife of options and meter-management decisions right from the start of every single round, the starting roster is the best Street Fighter has ever seen, its online netcode through three betas has been impeccable so far, and the number of smaller details that it nails right out of the gate is unprecedented.”
  • Destructoid (9.5/10):“While not all of the design decisions and ambitious new modes hit their mark, Capcom’s commitment to producing a polished and superlative fighter is readily apparent throughout this stellar release. A compelling roster, exciting visuals, crisp performance, and thrilling mechanics ensure that this prestige sequel is set to champion local, online, and competitive scenes for years to come. Simply put, Street Fighter 6 is one of the very best entries in series history.”

It does seem likely that Street Fighter 6 will stand out from the crowd despite the upcoming new Tekken and Mortal Kombat games. An amazing achievement for Capcom, who lately has been really hot.

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