The AI Trends of the Future in 2023 : Research

Exploring the emerging technologies and applications that will shape the future of AI (Artifical intelligence) in 2023 and beyond.

Exploring the emerging technologies and applications that will shape the future of AI in 2023 and beyond

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According to Ali Chaudhry, founder and CEO of the software development business Infinit8AI, “the open sourcing of generative modelling is going to have a transformative impact,” particularly for the work of AI engineers, data scientists, and others involved in this artificial intelligence. It provides them the freedom to experiment, make changes, and use it in many fields.

The Improvement of Generative AI

Since ChatGPT can now produce natural language, it has pushed the boundaries of what was previously considered to be achievable with artificial intelligence. According to Writer’s Johnston, the industry was advanced by roughly 12 to 18 months as a result of the publication of ChatGPT. Additionally, a plethora of additional generative AI models have joined it, including popular viral AI art generators like DALL-E 2 and Midjourney.

Strengthened AI Industry Regulations

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AI regulation is being developed globally, and in the US, President Biden and his administration published a “bill of rights” for AI that includes protecting personal information and restricting spying. The Federal Trade Commission is taking action against corporations and monitoring data collection and AI algorithms.

More Implications for Explainable AI
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The harm of biased algorithms is evident in every sector of society, from criminal justice to healthcare. As AI becomes more ubiquitous, bias and fairness have become legitimate concerns, as evidenced by a recent McKinsey & Company survey showing an increase in concern about AI explainability.

Growing Co-operation between Humans and AI
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AI can write scripts, create art, and make medical diagnoses, causing concern about job displacement. However, Andrei of SpaceNK believes the fear of being replaced by AI is exaggerated. AI is a research field and advanced capabilities like speech recognition and natural language generation do not equate to true intelligence, so it cannot replace human intelligence.

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