What went wrong with Musk’s Twitter Spaces, according to the DeSantis presidential campaign

Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, had a rough start to his 2024 presidential campaign. It’s all because of Twitter Spaces. Along with Elon Musk and venture investor David Sacks, the Republican was scheduled to make his presidential run official on Twitter. What transpired, though, was unexpected. Multiple crashes, loud auditory feedback, and technical issues ruined the much awaited campaign debut.

The occasion was plagued by problems from the start

You don’t see a presidential campaign getting started on Twitter Spaces every day. DeSantis’ presentation so drew a sizable crowd. Musk, who runs the most well-known account on Twitter, hosted the event. But there were problems with the event from the start.
The Space was disturbed by obtrusive and echoing feedback sounds as the moderator Sacks began to talk. It’s interesting how swiftly they too fell silent.


“Man, I think we melted the internet there,” Sacks said in a separate Space.

According to him, the 150 million followers Musk has and the 500,000 individuals in the room may have generated a “unprecedented scaleability level.”
Later, Sacks said on Twitter that the incident was “by far the biggest room ever held on social media.”

Musk blamed the problems on overworked servers

Before leaving the gathering, DeSantis and Sacks continued entering and leaving. They were both speechless.
Musk, though, was able to speak. Uncertainty surrounds what went wrong, although Sacks and the Twitter CEO blamed overburdened infrastructure for the event’s failure.

Even though the event was short-lived, over 600,000 people watched it.

Spaces wasn’t designed to accommodate such sizable gatherings

Sacks and Musk’s claim about “overloaded servers” may have some merit. After all, Twitter Spaces was not intended to support more than 600,000 listeners simultaneously.
CNN was informed by a former Twitter employee that Spaces is a “beta that never ended.”

“Spaces was largely a prototype, not a finished product,” they said. They added it can’t handle high traffic.

In a session sponsored by Sacks, DeSantis introduced his candidacy

They set up a another room with Sacks as the host when the Musk-hosted event went wrong. DeSantis began his candidacy and read his speech during the second event.

“I had to switch over to David hosting it because my account was breaking the system,” Musk said.Sacks once more recognized the previous errors.”It’s not how you started, it’s how you finish, and we finished strong,” he said.

Donald Trump made fun of his rival’s unsuccessful election campaign

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