Novelist and YouTube personality Hank Green reveals he has cancer.

Mr. Green said in a video that Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a highly “treatable cancer,” was the cause of his diagnosis.

An eccentric YouTube educational video host and novelist named Hank Green revealed on Friday that he has recently been diagnosed with the illness Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Both good and terrible news. One, it’s cancer,” he declared in a video on his Vlogbrothers YouTube channel. The good news is that it is Hodgkin’s lymphoma, he continued. One of the easiest cancers to treat is this one. Treatment works really nicely on it.

The best-selling author of young adult novels like “The Fault in Our Stars” and “Paper Towns,” Mr. Green’s elder brother, John Green, and Mr. Green first launched Vlogbrothers in 2007.

Hank Green’s best-selling debut book, “An Absolutely Remarkable Thing,” was influenced by his experience becoming an internet celebrity and dealing with the stress and discomfort that may accompany it.

In an interview from 2018, he stated, “In a lot of ways, it comes from a lot of my personal experience with how success feels. The very strange sensation of appearing larger in others’ minds than you do in your own is present.

The Green brothers have created an online video empire over the past ten years with more than ten YouTube channels, including “SciShow” and “Crash Course,” that collectively have more than 20 million subscribers and countless millions of views.

Hank Green said he initially became concerned when his armpit swelled strangely. Green is no stranger to educating his followers on scientific concepts. He then became aware that his lymph nodes were enlarging.

He visited the doctor to have scans, an ultrasound, and then a biopsy. He was conscious of his autoimmune condition and past history of infectious mononucleosis as risk factors for cancer.

Although he was unsure of how his therapy would influence his ability to make films, he was confident that his online following would comprehend.

Mr. Green, who has 7.5 million followers on TikTok, predicted that depending on how he feels when writing his newsletter, “Nerdfighteria,” he could need to spend more time on it.

“I know I’m going to feel like garbage,” he said. “It’s going to be really unpleasant.”

According to Mr. Green, his first round of chemotherapy, which will last for at least four months, started on Friday.

In the video, he described a discussion he had with his brother John in which he said he told him that he believed “this is the best time so far in human history to get lymphoma.”

“And you gave me a very John Green thought: ‘Well, a year from now would’ve been better,'” he recounted with a chuckle.

The brothers were also partners in the creation of VidCon, an annual gathering of online culture held in Anaheim, California. Hank Green won’t be going to the convention, which is slated to take place next month, according to a statement from VidCon on Instagram.

We’re sending all the love from the VidCon community & beyond to our Co-Founder, go-to scientific guy, and the only person on the internet who seems to comprehend where all the candle wax goes, it said in a statement.

On Friday, Mr. Green’s supporters left supportive comments on his videos and posted messages on social media, as well as sending him images of pelicans at his very particular request.

“I want to be fun, goofy science guy,” he said, “not struggling with anxiety, cancer guy.”

As of right now, Mr. Green stated stress is his major symptom because he worries that receiving a cancer diagnosis could cause his identity to be stolen.

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